Real Life Super Heroes,
We have our eye on you.

WorldSuperVillainNetwork is coming soon.

We are currently recruiting. If you are a real life supervillain (or supervillainess), we want to hear from you. Send an email to:

Include your villain name, a short description of your villainy, and your t-shirt size. If you are deemed worthy, you will be contacted.

Our Philosphy.

Think WWJD, and then do the opposite.

We villains are a diverse bunch. We have different motivations for our acts of villainy. Even now as we join together, we do so for our own individual reasons. However, we do have a framework for which we work.

A WSVN villain’s loyalty lies in Self, Life’s work, Wealth, Network.
There will be no infighting over petty things. We save our fight for the RLSHs.
RLSHs are at all times our enemy, no matter how sexy some of them may be.

Villain. Antagonist. Miscreant. Foe.
Villainous. Dissolute. Infamous. Abominable.

What is a real life Supervillain?

There are plenty of villains in this world. The difference between your run of the mill every day villain and a “super” villain is one thing: Costume. A supervillain wears a costume. Normal villains do not.

Wearing a costume is more than a method of concealing one’s identity. It shows intent. Just as a superhero is not one who happens upon doing a good deed, a supervillain is not one who happens upon treachery. By donning a mask or other distinguishing costume, a villain is telling the world that he is not a slave to the shackles of society.

Legal Notice.
Legal Advice.

You are lawless. Don’t ask us for legal advice.

The WSVN does not encourage you to do anything that will that will bring trouble to the WSVN. Partaking in villainy may be illegal in some locales and/or could lead to trouble with law enforcement or citizens engaged in dogoodery.

Learn the law. Because anything you do online may fall under numerous jurisdictions, we strongly suggest you read this. If you do end up with legal problems, call O.J.’s People (first trial, not second or third). We keep some of the most evil lawyers in the universe on retainer and we aren’t sharing them. They have helped us draw up this formal notice that they say we must display on this site:

By continuing on to any section of this website; I am hereby testifying that I am not agent of law enforcement organization, nor am I a lawyer working to prosecute or bring suit against anyone who may be associated with the WSVN, nor am I a superhero, nor am I a citizen who engages in dogoodery; and I am utilizing this website for the sake of networking with other supervillains; and by reading this statement I have agreed that most legal writing contains excessive semicolons and commas.

If you agree to this legally binding statement, you may continue using this website. Otherwise, power off your computer immediately.

Message For All RLSHs:
Go Away.

If you wear a white hat, move on.

The information contained on this top secret web site is for super villains only.

If we catch you snooping around here I’ll tell your step-dad Gary to put more heat on your mom about moving you out of your cozy little rent free secret basement hideout. Don’t think I won’t. He owes me a favor anyways for that de-animated call girl problem I got him out of last August.